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Ever Wished for an Extra Pair of Hands? 

Juggling high-level strategy with hands-on daily coaching?

Adopt a replicable system to manage overwhelm and ensure consistent success.

Worried about Talent Drain? 

The cost of constant turnover is high.
Seeing potential stars leave can be disheartening.

It's time to create conditions for success!

Chasing Consistency and Client Acquisition?

Tired of the uncertainty in securing placements and inconsistent performance?

Boost conversation ratios and secure repeat business for steadier success

Standing Out in a Crowded Industry?

Set your agency apart by selling unique services

Move beyond traditional client acquisition methods and leverage AI & digital marketing to ensure a steady flow of eager and committed clients to your doorstep.

Imagine discovering a transformative solution that ends the endless client chase, outshines your competition, and eliminates placement uncertainties...


High Performance Recruiter Academy

A step-by-step program to upskill recruiters to meet and exceed targets.
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Why Choose Our Interactive Platform

Faster Onboarding

Cut down the time to a recruiter's first placement.

Consistent Excellence

Predictably remarkable results every cycle.

Standout Strategy

Shine brighter than competitors.


From rookie recruiter to seasoned pro, we've got you covered.

Support for Managers

Seamlessly Balance personal and team success.

Combat Turnover

Strategically reduce attrition, both financially and emotionally.

Magnetize Clients & Candidates

Secure commitment and draw top talent.

Reliable Coaching

Maintain high, unwavering standards across teams.

Growth Blueprint

Enhance metrics, morale, and your bottom line.

Performance boost

Recruiters Trusted Us

Unbeatable ROI: See Immediate Returns on Your Investment

 ✅ Just one additional placement in a year and this course pays for itself — a minimal commitment for maximum returns.
Join the ranks of 300+ recruiters who have amplified their performances. Historically, clients using our strategies have seen performances surge by at least 30%. Imagine what this could mean for your agency's bottom line!
✅ With a 30-day guarantee and a commitment-free monthly subscription, that’s a no-brainer!

Here Is What's Included

Realize the Support You've Always Wanted,
If Not for Time and Resource Constraints

Interactive Training

Hands-on exercises for direct experience.

Call Insights

Submit, receive feedback, refine.

Live Strategy

Engage directly with our expert. Only 100 spots!

Gamified Journey

Engage, challenge, certify for optimal retention.

Manager's Overview

Monitor progress in real-time

Tech Edge

Advanced strategies and AI tools for evolving recruitment methods.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Continuous updates, 20+ modules, 12+ hours, available 24/7 via our app.

Practical Tools & Documentation

Real-world application for tangible results.

30-Day Guarantee

No questions asked, let us know when and we'll refund you.

Witness significant growth in performance and deals. Gift your agency the replicable system that shields from the highs and lows of recruitment. With our course, your team will feel valued and guided every step of the way.

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Meet the Brain behind this Revolution:

Ivan Leens

Back in 2013, Ivan began his journey at an acclaimed international recruitment agency. Fast-forward five years, he wore the hat of a top performer and an insightful observer. Witnessing colleagues working tirelessly for minimal results, he realized the importance of support in success. 

Understanding the challenges recruitment leaders face daily, he decided to act. As a sales coach, he played a pivotal role in creating a new, innovative, and interactive training program. Today, with his own coaching business, he has transformed the careers of over 300 recruiters, helping them excel in the toughest environments.

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s the payment model?

It's a subscription-based model. Enroll, learn, and cancel anytime with no extra fees. Plus, if you choose to cancel within the first month, you get a full refund, risk-free.

2. What does the course content include?

Our academy is your comprehensive guide from your first day as an agency recruiter to becoming a senior professional. Expect 20+ modules, 150+ videos, modern and relatable content styles, real-time progress tracking for managers, engaging gamification, exams with certifications, and much more.

3. Do you offer live coaching sessions?

Absolutely! We host bi-weekly live coaching sessions to further support and engage our students.

4. What's the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Simply put, if this course helps your team secure just one additional deal in a year, it's already profitable. Most of our clients see at least a 30% performance boost. With cost-effective pricing, it's an investment you won't regret.

5. Can I access the course on my mobile?

Yes, we have a mobile app available for both Android and iOS to ensure a seamless learning experience.

6. Is the content always up-to-date?

We constantly refresh our content to stay ahead of industry standards and trends.

7. How many students can I enroll?

We offer unlimited enrollment for students (except for live sessions), with one account designated per brand and country.

8. Will it fit my market or industry?

Absolutely. Our content has been tested across 300+ recruiters in various niches, business models, and industries.

9. I want to start my business, is this course for me?

Our academy is primarily tailored for recruitment business leaders with teams. If you want to start a recruitment business and don’t have a team yet, you'll still benefit, but our focus is on maximizing team performance. Additionally, please note that we only work with businesses

10. Will this align with my company’s values and methods?

Our content is pragmatic, flexible, and adaptable, ensuring no clashes with your current teachings.

11. How do I start?

Simply enroll, make the payment, and you'll receive your login details within 24 hours.

12. How can I ask questions?

Direct access to our founder, Ivan, is one of the many perks. Plus, the private community is always available for peer discussions.

13. When can I join?

You can join our academy at any time, but be aware that spaces are limited for live sessions due to our focus on quality.

14. I'm a manager. Do I need to watch too?

It is not necessary at all but recommended for effective implementation and tracking.

15. Even if you're well-versed in recruitment, how can this course add value?

Not only will you explore new perspectives but our course offers much more than just knowledge. From standardization to efficiency and support, it’s comprehensive. Plus, with a 30-day risk-free period, you've everything to win.

16. How can I monitor student progress?

We offer manager access for tracking student performance, progress, and certifications.

17. Can I have a direct discussion?

Yes!  Our school is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning resources.

18. How is the invoicing handled for VAT?

After making a payment, you'll have the option to provide your company details, ensuring that you receive an accurate VAT invoice.

19. Can you elaborate on the structure of the masterclasses?

In our masterclasses, we focus on real-time issues, brainstorming, role-playing, and monitoring progress.

20. Still in doubt?

Check out Ivan Leens on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for more insights.

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